Put CS First has the experience to help your business!

Welcome to Put Customer Service First.  We are highly qualified and discreet professionals, with a broad range of Office & Customer Service Skills.

Step 1- Tell us about what you do/ sell/ make and what area you need help in…  Perhaps it’s simply Administration work of Emailing or Calling customers to confirm your Appointments for the week.  We can record & process purchases, take new orders or schedule deliveries to be made on your behalf too.

Think of How 1-2 hrs of our Put CS First service, could help your business?  Perhaps You are the Customer?  Do you need someone to verify that Vendor companies have received your Purchase Orders & confirmed your delivery dates?  We can do that Customer Service as well!

Would it be helpful if Customers knew your name? Add a personal & professional touch with durable Custom made PVC Name Tags that include your Company Logo, First Name & more.  It is easy to start & you can Email us /Order anytime Badges@pcsfirst.ca   No Set-up Fees!! Ask us how  today

Do you process email Quotes or make Follow up Customer Sale/ Retention calls?  All of these little things add up & should be very important to your business!  Give us an idea of where you need help. Example: one hour might be one office project and something else the next & that's our CS specialty.

If you need help collecting your Invoiced money – We professionally represent your business and will give them your Phone #/ Email to reply back with payment or product questions.

These are just some of our flexible work solutions above & Sample Name Tag image below. We can create a free design with many options to help your Business. Please use our Email us now offer  so we can help where you need assistance the most!

Easy to use, Pay as you Go Services

No ongoing commitment required, We are “As Needed" aka Rent a Customer Service Reps,here to lighten your business day!  Put CS First has 20 years work experience helping Small to Medium Size and New Start-Up Businesses, with Office duties while giving great Canadian Customer Service too.  

Whether you are a one-time sale or repeat customer business, Good Customer Service can separate you out from the competition.  

If you have a Seasonal or Weekend Business think about using our Put CS First service 1-2 months before you need those sales again.

Let us prove it to you!  Book in your FREE half hour consultation  & we can help you right away –no strings attached! We may be on the phone assisting others, so please leave your name & phone # or use our Contact / Email form now for a same day response.

The BIG Question  - WHAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE?  Well Honestly – It’s Everything!  Do 2 businesses have the same customer service needs?   Yes and No

It's a fact that, Improving your customer's satisfaction and loyalty are key components for any companies growth!  Even small organizations often fail to dedicate as much time, money and support to customer retention as they do to other business operations.  

Talk to us today, Customer Service is an easy solution with a dedicated & confidential team on your side!

The BONUS Gift For you!  1 or 2 hours to finish other things, while we accomplish big tasks off the dreaded To Do List!   Don't delay. You will be glad you took a moment out of your busy schedule to contact us here at PCSFirst.ca  

You work hard to make your business succeed, so let us help you with the smaller, time consuming projects. With over 20 years of Small Business experience, we have tackled it all. Your Business matters will always be handled with professionalism, integrity and the utmost discretion. The end results will be accurate & on time, so you count on our reliable Customer Service now & well into the future!  

                                      Email  Questions@pcsfirst.ca   - Free consultations are booked in Daily! 


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